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My grandfather got me involved in photography at an early age. We even had a darkroom. So, obviously I became the school photogrpaher for the yearbook and school newspapers. This is where the love of sports photography began. Couldn't get enough, I went to every event. I was always in trouble for using up the film. Yes film, with many fond memories in the darkroom developing all the photos for the yearbook.
College is when the sports photography really took off. During my freshman year at Western Michigan University, I came across a notice for a student photographer for the university news services. I thought I had no shot at it because I was a freshman. I guess there weren't many other candidates becasue I got the job. Most of what I took pictures of was sports, with the occasional university news junk thrown in. Hours where limited, but I loved every minute of it and ganied priceless experience throughout my 4+ years at WMU.
I always wanted to start a sports photography business, but it was very cost prohibitive. So when digital came along I couldn't wait for the quality of the photos to catch up to film and start this business. So in 2005 I jumped in. Almost ten years later, a few different websites, a few crashes of hard drives and servers and tens of thousnads of photos later here we are.
Thanks to all the customers and family help along the way,
Jason Gould

J Gould Photography
Wyoming, Michigan 49509
United States

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